The English Club e.V.

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Welcome to our website!

The English Club e.V. is simply the best place to go if you want to speak English. We have no curriculum, no forced topics and are open to most subjects . . . We are not a club for native speakers, but for anyone with an interest in conversing in English. Our motto has always been

Nationality Makes No Difference

Created in 1987 by a former English teacher and one of her students (it's our 30th birthday in 2017!), the English Club began its life as a group of like-minded individuals who met in a pub to speak English. Over time it grew until it became obvious that the pub couldn't hold us any more. We opened our first clubroom in 1988 and have moved several times since then. We are now located conveniently close to the main train station in Bremen - directly behind the Überseemuseum - we open our doors regularly on Wednesdays (19:00) and Fridays (20:00) and occasionally at other times if we have a special event.

As mentioned above, our reason for existing is to provide a place for those wishing to converse in English. This can be done in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our clubrooms have a bar area, a lounge, a kitchen and a room for special events (which is also used for smoking). We offer several drinks at more than reasonable prices and are always trying to offer something new.

The English Club e.V. is a non-profit organisation with the sole intention of creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which to speak English. In order to do this, we provide a clubroom with a pub-like feel, but also the opportunity to sit and converse quietly.

We have kitchen facilities, where food can be prepared and occasionally bought and have an extra room for special occasions, such as showing films in English or live music.

Such facilities have to be paid for and we charge a membership fee in order to do so. The present charge is €15 per month and we allow the option to apply for a reduction should your circumstances make it difficult for you to pay the full amount (e.g. unemployment). Your first three visits to the clubrooms are completely free. This gives you the opportunity to get to know us. After the third evening, you have the option of becoming a member for €15 per month or simply continuing as a non-member and paying our non-member fee of €5 per evening. The choice is yours . . .

You can find us directly behind the Überseemuseum, about 300m from the main train station and around the corner from the CinemaxX complex.

Get Directions to Our Location

The entrance is on the side of the white building. Simply ring the bell and come on up!